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What Muslims also eat [halal]?

Karaoke along the precepts of Islam What Muslims also eat [halal]? Food flash Pork, etc. should not be in the mouth of the alcohol, the Muslim there is a severe precepts about food (Muslim). Although such as food that has been allowed by the precepts of Islam is called a [halal] (those that are not allowed [al-Haram]), now the visit to Japan customer of Muslims is increasing rapidly, began a movement that tries to respond appropriately in Japan ing. Correspondence of eateries and souvenirs, and Muslims to find out such as the popularity of ramen in, where there is a large market that leads to the entire reliability of the food. The 00-year visit to Japan Muslim tourists 00 million people in Month and day (Tuesday), the day (Mizushuku), was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito Hall [Halal Expo Japan 0]. The Halal, designation of the allowed food and cosmetics by the precepts of Islam. Since it was held the first round in the same event is 0 years, steadily increasing the number of visitors, this time to be th year was to mobilize people to be a record high.

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