Karaoke along the precepts of Islam

What is [halal] of the topic now?

Karaoke along the precepts of Islam What is [halal] of the topic now? We went to a cafe to provide a Muslim-friendly cuisine in a rapid increase in Tokyo What is the business world also noted [halal]? left:. Malaysia-born Musurima (Muslim woman). Right: respondent's Business magazine on the cover of [there is chance of victory in the Halal] [business opportunities in population million Islamic] now often see the word. Apparently, uncle who is as obsessed with the Islamic world for business. On the other hand, [you "Halal", will that mean no good to eat pork in the precepts of Islam] Arasa women I think in general the knowledge that. Meanwhile, in the fashionable in Asakusa, that of a cafe that can accommodate is also open to Muslims. This is the topic of [halal] (halal) to know chance! So, I heard a story on the respondent's Japan SI Institute, which operates the [World cafe]. What is the business community to attention [halal]? - In the [World cafe], what are you respond to how the people of Islam. Respondent (hereinafter referred to as respondents): Muslim, but is it called [Muslims], they have contraindications on religion, pork, I have a thing can not eat, such as alcohol.

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