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About religion (Muslim world)

Karaoke along the precepts of Islam About religion (Muslim world) To 0 years, IS a variety of terrorist acts or by the (so-called Islamic State), there is a very unfortunate Japanese killings became result, a variety of opinion on it written television, even newspapers and magazines and WEB, you have. In addition, for the tourism nation Japan, such as prepared food and menus that are friendly to Islam and Judaism, it has been made as well, such as responding to foreign customs. Some of their corresponding and opinions, there are matters that seem and [indeed will be this kind of receiving side if the Japanese, would be misunderstood if you look from the people of monotheism]. For example, treatment and of women in Islam, it is about the contraindications of the meal. In European news, it seems some Muslims are people who are from the fact that there is a problem with the treatment of women in the national majority, the misunderstanding as position of women is not taken into consideration in Islam. In addition, for the contraindications of the meal (pork as an example), there is also an example over-react as it always protect should.

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