Karaoke along the precepts of Islam

The difference between Muslim nation Japan, which has received a shock

Karaoke along the precepts of Islam The most surprised countries to the difference of an impact with the Muslim nation Japan I visited some of the Muslim nation at work and private until now. This time, among them, the most surprised One of the country to the difference with Japan, will introduce Saudi Arabia and Iran. In the Muslim nation, women hides the hair and skin on the go. There is a difference in degree from country to country, Saudi Arabia is I think the most precepts is tight in the Islamic nation that may author has visited. Completely covered by the non-Muslims also "swim cap" In Saudi Arabia, non-Muslim author also had heard that not out of the hotel room to be the same dressed with local women. Therefore, before travel, I purchased in advance clothes for Muslims to cover the hat and the whole body of the cloth in Malaysia that I have been living. However, although the stomach to advance preparation, the next morning the local date of arrival, was immediately surprised when you go to the hotel's breakfast hall.

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