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Karaoke along the precepts of Islam Sendai living circumstances Understanding the expansion of the halal food People who came from the Islamic world is increasing in Sendai City. Worship and meals, while worries Muslims (Muslims) et al. In a completely different Japanese society and culture, such as language, alive stretch of. Followed the day-to-day of the Muslims became a neighbor. With lots curry and handmade Nan spices are lined up on the table. Mellow (mellow) scent drifts in the store. Is visited Muslim (Muslim) et al with a naan in curry carry to mouth, enjoy a meal while chatting. Strict precepts Sendai Aoba-ku, Shihei-cho restaurants [Nantandori]. But the city only restaurant to provide a pure according to the precepts of Islam [halal food]. Bangladeshi manager model file monkey Karim sneaky down Dell's () has been opened in 00 years. Islam forbids the eating and drinking of pork and alcohol, not even allowed to be in the mouth other than meat, which was demolished in the formal procedure, such as chanting the name of God.

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