Karaoke along the precepts of Islam

[Muslim for Udon]

Karaoke along the precepts of Islam [Muslim for Udon] also attracted attention overseas to challenge appeared Kansai International Airport Kansai International Airport is the end, to expand the service for Muslims (Muslims), it has announced plans to become the [Muslim-friendly]. First of all, to start providing halal food based on the precepts of Islam Udon shop in the seat U-don]. Incidentally, Halal diet, and not to use pork as a material, it is determined such that not perform alcohol disinfecting cooking process. That is a plan to also incorporate the service in other stores in the future. In addition, for the sake of Muslims to perform the prayer of the day times, the expansion into the points at the prayer room from the current locations. [What is the aim of Muslim-friendly] In the background, there is a visit to Japan's reduction in the number of from China facing the Great East Japan Earthquake and foreign affairs. As a new target, it turned to Muslims. In particular, due to flying of the recent economic development and budget airlines (LCC), Japan's from many Southeast Asian countries of the Muslim population has increased significantly, and business-based online media [Quartz] are reported.

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